Sensitivity to everything that belongs to the world of art and culture, especially in contemporary terms, is a deep-rooted and characteristic aspect that often leads us to collaborate with organisations and brands sponsoring artistic and cultural initiatives.
With this in mind, to mark the occasion of one of the important editions of the Virgilio Awards, we focussed on renewing the Academy image, starting by restyling the logo. We then redesigned all the communication tools to convey the value of the award to an international target with a new visual and graphic design project. We also supported the Academy in the organisation of a number of cultural events related to the award, providing the appropriate paper and digital tools to communicate the institution’s mission.

We collaborate with various organisations to promote cultural dissemination. Art and culture have a priceless value to pass on, and we are proud to be able to contribute to the important dissemination work with our daily endeavours

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Tracce, intrecci e tracciati.

Il cosmo dell'arte dalla domus alla gallery

A cura di Elisabetta Pozzetti

14 – 30 Aprile 2023

la mostra è aperta su prenotazione dalle 18:00 alle 20:00

piazza Arcole, 4 – Milano