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Calore pulito

An innovative and sustainable communication strategy

In order to encourage citizens to ensure proper maintenance of their boilers and to register the system on the land register, the Emilia Romagna region launched the awareness campaign entitled “Operazione Calore Pulito” [Clean Heating Operation].
The aim of the campaign is to increase citizens’ awareness of environmental damage caused by heating systems and to encourage proper maintenance and registration for obtaining the Clean Heating label.
We took part in the tender to relaunch the campaign, proposing a communication strategy that was completely innovative compared to the formats used previously. The decision to develop a sustainable communication project seemed the most consistent with the campaign’s objective. In order to avoid the use of paper and to safeguard environmental resources, we structured a totally digital, multi-channel and multi-target media plan.
We created an informative and emotional video in order to boost its viral circulation on several channels, supported by the production of coherent visuals and graphics. The distribution of the content on the web was planned with SEA strategies, direct email marketing, sending SMS, creating banners and landing pages, social network management, and a press office for contacts with regional newspapers, radio and television stations, so as to be able to specifically calculate the ROI on the actions carried out.
Sensitivity to environmental issues is an intrinsic value of our way of working. This is why we propose a different approach, in line with the desire to support brands towards sustainable development from an environmental, economic and social perspective.


Regione Emilia Romagna


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