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Branding for agro-economic sustainability 

The Foragri project was set up to assist producers from the Province of Mantua in adopting and converting their production systems to environmental sustainability. In order to achieve the set objectives, it was essential to structure an effective communication strategy capable of reaching the target audience.

Through an in-depth study of the competitors, the market and the target, we structured the corporate and branding strategies to amplify the values of the project and to encourage producers to join.

We created the logo and defined the brand positioning and then proceeded to design and implement functional visual and graphic design.

The creative direction worked to give the brand a corporate image, complete with corporate literature and website.

To increase brand awareness, a media plan was created for communication to the reference portals for the agricultural and energy sectors.

Finding the best way to communicate Foragri’s values and mission was a challenge that we accepted with creative enthusiasm. We believe that a better future is possible, and we want to contribute to change with our work.


Foragri, Provincia di Mantova

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