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Marcegaglia Ravenna

The creation of a corporate video involves various phases of work before arriving at the finished product.

First of all, an inspection of the location is made, during which all the phases of the video shoot and the accompanying photographs are determined.
Then the days and times for filming are planned in detail, coordinating with the needs of the company and the production facilities.
The filming is done using a variety of tools (cameras, steadycams and drones) and involves as many details as possible: the aim is to create a rich archive of footage that can be used for many future purposes.
After the filming phase, the helm of the video is set and the script for the voice-over is approved. The editing of the footage follows the content of the script with music and sound effects. The end result is used on a variety of occasions: web news, social media posts, corporate and commercial presentations, trade fairs and events.

Gruppo Marcegaglia


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