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Marcegaglia Steel constitutes the Group’s core business and is organised into three different operating companies: Marcegaglia Carbon Steel, Marcegaglia Specialties and Marcegaglia Plates.

These companies share the Marcegaglia set of values and are effectively part of it, despite focussing on processing different products for different application sectors.

Marcegaglia is a company with a long history, characterised by an image that transcends fashions and trends. The Group has consolidated its presence over time, remaining faithful to its corporate values, without ever needing to redevelop its image.

With these assumptions, we have always carried out diversified Corporate&Branding strategies, developing visual and graphic design consistent with the coordinated brand image. We constantly support the various companies of the Group in their online and offline communication strategies by writing content and developing digital tools. We take care of the planning and development of all content, translating complex concepts for an international B2B target, giving a unique image to different worlds.

We work daily to provide each Marcegaglia company with dedicated and high-performance publishing materials and communication tools, in order to give them an up-to-date image with a deep-rooted history.

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