From consumer to B2B. A journey of over 35 years has led us to evolve from a consumer experience to a specialised partner for Italian B2B industrial companies. Through our communication and branding strategies, we build virtuous partnerships with clients, creating a coherent and dynamic flow that stimulates and amplifies corporate 

Since 1984 we’ve been involved in over 1,000,000 hours of research, creativity, consultancy and project development 


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Una giornata da leoni


Since 2012, Studio Chiesa has found a new location in the heart of Milan, in the Naviglio Grande area, which has always been characterised as being a social and cultural melting pot.
The former industrial building is the result of a refined redevelopment signed by the architect and designer Mario Bellini to make it his studio,
which combines the strong territorial history visible in the exterior façade with a modern reorganisation of the interior spaces.
The result is a building with rigorous geometries, embellished by the skilful use of metal that gives contemporary elegance to the structure.
Large windows lighten the building’s façade, providing perfect daylight to the interior spaces.
The central courtyard scented with jasmine and wisteria, with a large tree in the centre, only appears after crossing the threshold of the main door.
A garden suffused with an air of intimate secrecy typical of the hidden courtyards that characterise the city.
As soon as you go through the Studio’s door you will be greeted by a warm welcome into a bright space, in pure white tones with large windows, enriched by a large collection of books and art installations.
Here you will find a smile, a coffee ready for you and a willingness to listen to all your requests from the whole team.
It is in this modern industrial context, that our dynamic creativity factory is located, where ideas are transformed into projects and culture into language.


Dal 2012 Studio Chiesa trova una nuova collocazione nel cuore creativo di Milano, nell’area del Naviglio Grande.
L’ex edificio industriale che ci ospita è il risultato di una raffinata riqualificazione firmata dall’architetto e designer Mario Bellini che coniuga la forte storia territoriale con una moderna riorganizzazione degli spazi interni. In questo attuale contesto industriale, si inserisce la nostra dinamica fabbrica di creatività, dove le idee si trasformano in progetti e la cultura si trasforma in linguaggio.

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