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Green Power is a company that operates in the energy sector, building industrial plants with a sustainable approach. We took care of the naming and the creation of a logo that would express solidity, innovation, and sustainability.

After a careful study of the reference market, we outlined the corporate identity and defined the brand position, which was then translated into corporate literature.

The next step was to develop a complete package of communication tools, starting with the web design, completed by content planning and development with an emphasis on SEO.

In outlining an effective communication strategy, we did not overlook the importance of digital marketing. In this case, it was important to structure a digital strategy, as well as social media and email marketing strategies. In order to create a database of contacts and retain the target audience, we created specific forms to support lead generation.

We focussed on the creation of corporate videos and digital presentations that could tell potential customers about the brand and products in a simple and direct way. These tools were also important at trade fairs and events, which we designed and created to reach an increasingly wide audience.

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    Green Power, gruppo Marcegaglia

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