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Workout Magazine - Studio Chiesa Communication
Studio Chiesa is the ideal partner for Italian B2B companies with integrated online and offline communication projects. A reliable support in the definition and development of synergistic strategies for branding and digital marketing, through a targeted use of all communication tools.
  • Corporate identity
  • Brand identity
  • Brand naming
  • Brand positioning
  • Corporate literature
  • Art direction, visual e graphic design
  • Packaging design
We provide branding strategies, supporting the company in the definition of its brand identity and in the construction of the fundamental elements regarding its corporate image. Through the analysis of the mission, objectives, competitors, market and customers, we create effective communication strategies to define the brand positioning in a recognisable and differentiated way. Strategic branding is important for promoting the brand image and encouraging customer loyalty to it, thus helping to achieve the company’s commercial objectives.
  • Web design
  • Content planning
  • Content development
  • APP design e development
  • Media planning
  • ADV design
  • Media relations e PR

We develop the most appropriate combination of communication tools in relation to the strategy and objectives to be achieved. With a one-to-one approach, we are able to manage every single activity, from content development to media planning and KPI analysis, implementing all the necessary tools.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Web marketing
  • performance
  • SEO, SEM, social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Geo marketing
We accompany companies in their digital transformation, combining digital marketing with traditional offline tools, in the construction of integrated, personalised and high-performance communication. We provide support in the implementation of SEO, SEM, social media marketing and email marketing strategies. We work to increase website traffic with profiled and targeted users, so as to improve the quality of visits, Google ranking and more easily convert contacts into potential new customers. Through lead generation marketing, we help companies develop new business opportunities by generating quality leads.
  • Big data analysis
  • Market research
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Product publishing
  • APP
  • Sampling and gadgets

We offer consultancy on the design of effective sales tools that support the company in business growth.

With big data analysis, visitor tracking and market research we are able to optimise sales tools and activate new channels, while keeping the performance targets and KPIs associated with the generation of qualified leads in focus.

Through LinkedIn, we activate the acquisition of qualified contacts with the identification of the ideal client “Buyer Persona”, and the identification of new Prospects, also thanks to the use of ad hoc tools such as Lead Builder and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

  • Corporate video
  • Product video
  • Video tutorials
  • Production and post-production

We use the great communicative potential of video to convey content in an engaging and immersive way.We create corporate videos, product videos and tutorials, taking care of every phase from design to production and post-production.



  • Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • Conferences

Thanks to our many years of experience and partnerships with trade fair organisations, we support companies in organising B2B trade fairs and events, exhibitions, conferences, company meetings, team building and incentive activities, including virtual ones.

We assist our clients in the choice of the most appropriate event, in the creation and development of the concept, supporting companies from designing and customising the space, to participating in the event and following up with its participants, in order to achieve the best performance and transform the investment into business.

We develop multi-channel phygital strategies and tools, where virtual and real experiences merge simultaneously into a hybrid environment between the physical and digital elements, whilst making the client the main focus.

  • Concept
  • Curatorship
  • Performance
We believe that company museums are the best way to preserve the historical memory of a company and to consolidate the link with the territory. We support companies in the enhancement of their roots, creating museum projects that become instruments to strengthen corporate culture.
  • CSR projects
  • Enhancement of corporate culture

The theme of sustainability is a competitive and strategic lever for entrepreneurship, giving back a brand image based on trust and transparency.

We support companies in the development of corporate social responsibility projects, towards responsible growth and a circular economy, creating added value for the company itself and its stakeholders.

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