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With the evolution of the digital world, the customer’s purchase path must be customized, so each company, to interest the interlocutor, must adopt different tools depending on the channels and, to keep up with the times, propose methods that are innovative and attractive.

Even in B2B, for meetings to be effective, digital presentations must also be increasingly captivating, engaging and usable.

Along this line, we have designed for Dana Incorporated, the American multinational leader in fully integrated transmission systems and electrified propulsion systems for vehicles, the new MEWP e-pub tool, to convey Dana’s vast production offer dedicated to manufacturers of aerial platforms. .

This e-pub has the advantage of overcoming the usual presentation as, thanks to interactivity, it is able to allow the user to “move” easily within the slides, using the contents as he likes, thus personalizing his experience, unlike traditional modes, which remain static.

Industrial B2B is increasingly asking for the adoption of innovative and performing communication tools to support the customer journey: thanks to the e-pub tool, the user becomes the protagonist of the content path.

E-pub Dana MEWP
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    Dana Incorporated

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