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With the aim of giving EuroEnergy Group, an engineering company belonging to the Marcegaglia group operating in the renewable energy sector, a strong identity, we started with the creation of a logo to outline its corporate identity and brand positioning.

After an in-depth analysis of the market and its competitors, we focussed on building a strong and effective communication strategy.

A corporate literature with a personalised and distinctive design was the starting point for developing the various communication tools: website design, content planning and development, etc.

In parallel to the more traditional communication methods, we supported EuroEnergy Group in digital marketing strategies, defining the digital strategy, supported by SEM, lead generation, social media and email marketing.

In order to increase brand awareness, we designed and produced corporate videos, presentations and gadgets to be used at sector trade fairs and conferences, which we had come up with, designed and organised.

By transforming technologies into sustainable projects, EuroEnergy Group amplifies the ethical and social sensitivity that has always characterised Marcegaglia, qualities that we share and wish to support with our work.

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    EuroEnergy Group, gruppo Marcegaglia

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