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Marcegaglia Buildtech

Corporate building and branding for a global partner in building industry

We support Marcegaglia in all its communication and digital marketing strategies, both nationally and internationally. This long-standing partnership has enabled us to consolidate a mutual trust, which is invaluable for successfully pursuing the objectives set in every activity developed for the Group.

In the 1990s, Marcegaglia invested in a verticalisation of products dedicated to the construction sector, entrusting Studio Chiesa with the entire corporate and branding management of the new Marcegaglia Buildtech.

We started with the naming after analysing the market and competitors to define the brand position and build a strong corporate identity.

We created a complete package of dedicated publishing tools, curating all phases from art direction to graphic design. We have designed and created the website, for which we have prepared an editorial plan and content development with an emphasis on SEO. At the same time we defined a digital strategy, coordinating the various channels available with a media plan and continuous social media management and email marketing strategies.

The production of corporate videos and digital presentations that we continue to develop, support all the trade fairs, conferences and events that are scheduled.


Marcegaglia Buildtech, Gruppo Marcegaglia



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