A successful synergy between science and art

“Nutrimentum. L’arte alimenta l’uomo” [Nutrimentum. Art feeds mankind], is a cultural project in which artists and scientists meet to address the theme of food and sustainability brought into play by 2015 Milan Expo. We came up with the concept and its creation thanks to our natural predisposition to forge connections between different fields which, in this case, reveal our passion for art and culture and our sensitivity to sustainability issues. Nutrimentum has become a wonderful opportunity for discussion where different knowledge and languages have led to the creation of meetings, conferences and exhibitions. Like a conference in Verona and exhibitions at the Museum of Natural History, the Achille Forti Gallery of Modern Art and the Castelvecchio Museum. In addition to the concept and the curatorship, we designed the logo, various communication tools and an online platform where we took care of the content editing in every detail. 




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